About Me

I'm a first year mathematics PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I am advised by Professor Saverio Spagnolie

My research lies within fluid dynamics, specifically modeling and analytically investigating supersaturated fluids and active suspensions. More broadly, I’m interested in computational fluid dynamics, numerical methods, and high-performance computing.

I also did my undergraduate studies at UW-Madison with majors in applied mathematics and computer science. Before focusing on applied mathematics I was interested in cybersecurity and software engineering, and completed cybersecurity internships in the finance industry and at Crowdstrike.

Outside of my studies and research I enjoy playing (and listening to lots of) music as a guitarist and drummer, and distance running in Madison, WI.

This blog serves as an informal outlet for my thoughts on music, math, art, literature, and other things.

Email: cgrote@math.wisc.edu