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The Recent Year of Listening

This past year I found myself diverging further in both directions sonically. On one side I expanded my newfound appreciation for folk, country, and singer-songwriter style music through Zach Bryan and City and Colour. In the neighboring genre of indie I enjoyed getting into the Backseat Lovers, The Greeting Committee, and MisterWives. On the other hand I found myself diving deeper into harder, louder rock music than I had previously enjoyed. I was subconsciously searching for more explosive choruses and drum parts. In this I found Deftones, Against The Current, and even a few of the louder tracks by the mysterious group Sleep Token. As a musician I experience an elation when I am really digging into the part that I'm playing, physically pushing myself. I experience this on the other side of the music when I can feel the performing musicians doing the same. The vocalist tearing themselves apart. The drummer nearly breaking the kit. Stevie Ray Vaughan sounding like he's about to

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