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On The Allure of Sleep Token

Good art drives curiosity in its enjoyers. After hearing an intriguing song for the first time I default to investigating the artist, finding out who they are and what drives their music. I want to know what inspires the lyrics in their songs and the playing styles of their instruments to piece together a more complete picture of the artist. Upon hearing Sleep Token's captivating track Hypnosis for the first time, I took up this task of discovering the band behind the song, and immediately came to a dead end.  Sleep Token is an anonymous band. With a trio of full length records among other singles the group has shot to significant success in the last few years. Tracks such as The Summoning, Granite, and Alkaline, with the former two on their last year's popular Take Me Back To Eden record have gained the group a large following. The four member group has adapted monikers for its members with the frontman going by Vessel, and the drummer, bassist, and guitarist going by ii, iii,

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